19 Papers selected for the First International ELaN Workshop (June 19-20 2020)

A selection commettee within the ELaN Teching Staff (prof. Stradella, prof. Calderai, prof. Martines, prof. Bonini and prof. Sperti) has selected the best abstracts for the presentations at the Workshop “Gender Based Approaches to the Law and Juris Dictio in Europe” (Pisa, June 19-20 2020).

19 are the Young Scholars that will come in Pisa to present their researches; 9 the Countries represented (Italy, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Turkey, Greece); top academic and research institutions, leaders in the field of European Studies, will be hosted (among the others, European University Institute, College of Europe, Max Planck Institute).

The Programme of the Workshop will be published SOON!