Moot Court

The Jean Monnet European Law & Gender (ELaN) project promotes for the 2021/2022 academic year a Moot Court competition, an opportunity  for students from Scienze per la Pace, attending the European Law and Gender course (II semester) as well as Law PhD students. They will face legal research challenges, teamworking, legal argumentations and law implementation from a pragmatic point of view.

The trial simulation will involve teams of undergraduate and graduate students competing in litigation concerning:

a) A case of anti-discrimination law in the workplace
b) A case on criminal law through gender perspective

The Moot Court represents an opportunity to develop training and research skills, enabling participants to test practical knowledge acquired in the classroom, through a process of interaction and dialogue between students, young researchers, and jurists with different professional backgrounds and experiences.
It will prove an unmissable chance to critically assess the relationship between law and gender and to pinpoint major issues and shortcomings surrounding the topic.

Download the Call:

ELaN_Moot Court

Moout Court European Law and Gender Course*

Gender discrimination and Work

20 april, 8.45 am

Aula D1 Polo Piagge

Judicial Committee:

Avv. Chiara Federici
Dott.ssa Elisabetta Tarquini
Dr.ssa Chiara Angiolini
Dr.ssa Giulia Donadio


Gender violence

27 april, 9.30 am

Aula E1 Polo Piagge

Judicial Committee:

Avv. Titti Carrano
Dott. Marco Bouchard
Dr.ssa Rosa Raffaelli
Prof.ssa Valentina Bonini

With the support of: Dr.sse Rachele Bizzari, Laura Ricci, Miriam Schettini, Rachele Zamperini


Download the program here: Moot_Court


Some pictures of the day(s):



*Special Teaching Project_Department of Law, Coord. Prof.ssa Elettra Stradella