Upcoming ELaN Final Conference 2022 “Access to Justice: a Gender Perspective”, Pisa, 23-24 September

The ELaN Final Conference “Access to Justice: A Gender Perspective”, will be held on September 23, through a 4 Panels meeting devoted to:

  • the relationship between multiculturalism and women’s rights in the access to justice (Panel I), gender self-determination and gender binarism in the access to justice (Panel II), the issues related to the access to justice in gender-based violence cases (Panel III), the relevance of gender in family relationships and its impact on the access to justice (Panel IV).

On September 24, the Rector’s address speech will introduce an institutional round table with the involvement of the vipresident of GREVIO Lanzoni, the vice-president of the European Parliament Picierno, the judge of the European Court of Human Rights Sabato, and the president of the Parliamentary Commission on femicide, as well as on all forms of gender-based violence, Valente.

The Conference will be blended: it will be held in the Gipsoteca di Arte Antica on September 23 from 9 am onwards, for the whole day, and in the Sapienza Aula Magna storica on September 24 in the morning, starting at 10 am). To attend online, as well as for further info, please find the meeting links on the attached program.

ELaN Conference 2022_Final