ELaN PhD Seminars

The ELaN Seminars series will run through the three year Module.

All the speakers, included in the ELaN Teaching Staff,  present a strong expertise in gender issues, methodologically combining law, political and legal theory.

Seminars will be opened to the students that have attended the main course in the First Semester and compulsory for PhD students of the PhD in Law (curricula in Private and comparative law, Labor law and European legal tradition; Legal theory, Constitutional Law, and Public Comparative Law; Business, International and European law; Administration, Market and Criminal Justice).

The participation of PhD students is consistent with the project that the University of Pisa has been starting since two years to give them soft skills in various fields, among which the gender perspective, with a focus on development of professional skills, and orientation (to gender) of European research.

ELaN Seminars 2022

(February 17 – May 13)


The PhD Seminars program for this year will host several scholars, committed to gender studies in all their facets and current issues:

  • February, 17_ 2.30 pm online

Stefano Osella: Trasformare la cura e assicurare l’eguaglianza: Nuove mascolinità

Chair: Chiara Magneschi

link: https://elan.jus.unipi.it/live/220217-nuove-mascolinita


  • March, 11_2.30 pm

Serena Vantin: Diritto e tecnica nell’era digitale. Appunti per una riflessione di diritto antidiscriminatorio

Chair: Giulia Donadio

link: https://elan.jus.unipi.it/live/220311-diritto-antidiscriminatorio (Palazzo Boileau, Aula Magna)


  • April, 22_2.30 pm

Barbara De Micheli – Lola Santos Fernandez – Raffaele Galardi: La parità di genere nel lavoro alla luce degli interventi più recenti

Chair: Elettra Stradella

link: https://elan.jus.unipi.it/live/220422-parita-genere (Palazzo Boileau, Aula Magna)


  • May, 13_2.30 pm online

Ruth Rubio Marin: Gender Constitutionalism and Women’s Citizenship: A Struggle for Transformative Inclusion

Chair: Mia Caielli

Discussant: Barbara Pezzini

link: https://elan.jus.unipi.it/live/220513-transformative-inclusion

Download and share the full program:

ELaN Seminars_2022


First ELaN PhD Seminar on “Trasformare la cura e assicurare l’eguaglianza: Nuove mascolinità” (February, 17)

with Stefano Osella, chair Chiara Magneschi



Second ELaN PhD Seminar on “Diritto e tecnica nell’era digitale. Appunti per una riflessione di diritto antidiscriminatorio” (March, 11)

with Serena Vantin, chair Giulia Donadio

read here a report on Serena Vantin’s speech:

Serena Vantin_speech

Third ELaN PhD Seminar on “La parità di genere nel lavoro alla luce degli interventi più recenti” (April, 22)

with Barbara De Micheli, Lola Santos Fernandez, Raffaele Galardi, chair Elettra Stradella


Watch the seminar recording:

Fourth ELaN PhD Seminar onGlobal Gender Constitutionalism and Women’s Citizenship: A Struggle for Transformative Inclusion” (May, 13)

with Ruth Rubio Marin, chair Mia Caielli, discussant Barbara Pezzini

Book presentation and opening of the ELaN Course for Lawyers 2022

ELaN Seminars 2021

(February 24 – May 28)


The ELaN Seminars 2021 will focus on several relevant topics:

Trans children and the law: A comparative constitutional law analysis, on how constitutional law can offer protection to trans children (with a focus on the decisions of the Spanish and Colombian constitutional courts); Gender Violence and Constitutional Law, comparing the different constitutional approaches to gender-based violence (also analysing possible evolutionary perspectives of constitutional law); Construction and deconstruction of female subjectivity. A reflection on law and technology from
Shulamith Firestone to Donna Haraway, exploring the relationship between new technologies and gender in the light of the reflections developed in the field of philosophy of law on female subjectivity; Women’s work during and after the pandemic: trends and assessment, focusing on the impact of the pandemic and post-pandemic on women’s employment status.


ELaN Seminars 2021 – Programme: Download now

Fourth ELaN Seminar (online) on “Il lavoro femminile durante e dopo la pandemia: tendenze e bilancio ” (May 28)

with Maria Dolores Santos Fernandez


Watch the full recording here:


Third ELaN Seminar (online) on “Costruzione e decostruzione della soggettività femminile. Una riflessione su diritto e tecnologie da Shulamith Firestone a Donna Haraway” (April 30)

with Serena Vantin


Download the presentation by dr. Serena Vantin (Costruzione e decostruzione della soggettività femminile) ELaN 2021 

Watch the full recording here:


Second ELaN Seminar (online) on “Gender Violence and Constitutional Law” (March 26)

with Ruth Rubio Marin


First ELaN Seminar (online) on “Trans children and the law: A comparative constitutional law analysis” (February 24)

with Stefano Osella





ELaN Seminars 2020

(February 14 – June 24)


The ELaN Seminars 2020 will focus on several relevant topics:

Gender and Domestic Violence between Private and Criminal Law; Feminist Perspectives, comparing three different contemporary perspectives (the “radical” and “realist” approach of Catharine MacKinnon; Joan Tronto’s political arguments for an “ethic of care”; and Judit Butler’s “performative” criticism) in order to highlight strengths and weaknesses of each one, and their possible applicability within the European legal frame; Women and labour market (modernization of working time, double presence – at work and maternity – and its implications, the history of the law of Italian and European women’s work, the present participation of women in the labor market, and various forms of gendered work segregation); Family, equality and the role of constitutional law; Queer theory and legal analysis in European Law and Gender Studies, underlining the potential of queer theory for legal analysis and showing how the critical lenses of queer theory can be useful to contextualise, deconstruct, and reconceptualise key-principles in family and public law.

ELaN Seminars 2020 – Programme: Download now!

Fourth ELaN Seminar (online) on “Il binario di genere: mantenerlo o superarlo?” (June 24)

with Stefano Osella


Third ELaN Seminar (online) on “The Gender of Constitutionalism” (May 30)

with Ruth Rubio Marin


Second ELaN Seminar (online) on “Equality, Care and Vulnerability” (April 23)

with Serena Vantin


Download the presentation by dr. Serena Vantin (Equality, Care and Vulnerability) ELaN 2020


First ELaN Seminar on “Gender and Domestic Violence” (February 14)

with Chiara Angiolini



Download the presentation by dr. Chiara Angiolini (Violence against Women and Private Law)