Women’s Europe: Voices in Times of COVID


“Aware of the devastating impact on women the Covid crisis is having and concerned with the fact that the policies designed to cope with the pandemic but also the post-Covid agenda may be designed without sufficient input on the side of women or without their needs and priorities in mind, we, a group of 20 European academics, politicians, policy makers and civil society activists (both men and women) have produced four short videos under the title of Women´s Europe: Voices in Times of Covid. The videos provide a gender analysis of the Covid crisis, warn about the risk of putting gender equality agendas under the carpet in reconstruction efforts and, more broadly speaking, articulate views about what could be a transformative recovery agenda and a new social contract. We are now contacting all the institutions to which we, the contributors, are linked or have ties with to ask for assistance in disseminating the videos on Friday 19th when they will be jointly launched, by displaying them in webpages and disseminating them through social media.”